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Our family loves baseball. Both of our children were born in Boston, within shouting distance of Fenway Park, and we went to Red Sox games as a family while we lived there. While in Charleston, South Carolina, we played lots of baseball, and had some really fun youth teams while we lived there. We also went to see the Charleston Riverdogs, a single A minor league team, that tragically lost its path and became an affiliate of the New York Yankees :-(.

A year of travel poses challenges to a baseball family. Our kids can't play on teams while we travel, so we thought hard about what we could do that might fill in while we're on the road for a year. We came up with the idea of being "Baseball Ambassadors" and meeting as many youth teams in foreign countries as we could. When we meet with them, we give them all Red Sox hats, and follow up with donations of equipment to help their programs. It's a way for us to play some baseball, get to know kids in other nations, and put the sport, the Red Sox, and our country in a good light.

We've gotten lots of help on this, from long-time friend and professional colleague Kristie Jochmann spear-headed this initiative from the U.S., working tirelessly to track down baseball programs in the countries we're visiting, set up get togethers, and follow up with equipment and hats. We've also gotten encouragement from the Boston Red Sox, the Little League, and Major League Baseball, and a lot of help and support from a great non-profit, Pitch In For Baseball. Thanks to everyone for the great support!

This fall, we played with great teams in Adelaide, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Bhutan, Delhi, and the North Island of New Zealand. Since the turn of the year, we've played with teams in Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Johannesburg. We report on these great get togethers on our MLB Blog and on my personal blog. Feel free to take a look at what we're up to, and how much we're learning about the great sport of baseball in other parts of the world!