We lived in Boston for many years, where our two children were born. In 2003, we moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where we had a great four year experience. However, for a bunch of reasons, we put our house there on the market in the spring of 2007, and it was under agreement in a matter of days (much, much sooner than we expected).

About ten years ago, family friends of ours -- Dick and Patty Simon -- took their family around the world on a trip, and my wife and I often talked about how great an educational and family experience such a trip would be. Well, when our house sold and we had decided to leave Charleston, we found ourselves at an ideal point in our lives to take a lengthy family trip around the world, and began this trip in late August, 2007. Our focus has been to visit places that, in most cases, are changing so fast that they won't be the same a decade or two down the road. So we're spending no time in Europe, and focusing on Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), Asia, South America, Antarctica, and Africa. We'll return after this ten+ month trip to our summer house in Jamestown, Rhode Island, for the months of July and August.

This trip was important to us for many reasons. Our children had traveled a fair amount prior to the trip, but all within two continents (North America and Europe). We wanted them to experience the full range of what the world has to offer, from some of the poorest regions to some of the most amazing sights. We want them to understand just how pressing are some of the problems the world faces. Global warming, for example, was just a phrase for them prior to this trip; after our time in New Zealand, the tip of South America, and Antarctica, we'll all have a real understanding of just what's at stake. And, we want all of us to realize, in many, many ways, just how magnificent this earth of ours really is. What better way to come to that realization than to see it first hand.

So we're off on what will be the most educational, informative, and mind-boggling year of all of our lives. And we're thrilled to take advantage of internet technology to share our experiences with our family and friends. So stay tuned!